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How To Pack A Carry-On For A Week's Holiday

Jun 19,2024

How to pack a carry-on for a holiday blog cover image with a red bikini set, an abstract print dress, a crochet hat and a woven beach bag packed in an open suitcase next to a pair of white buckle sliders

Packing for a holiday is hard enough, but when you’re a fashion girl, who would probably take your whole wardrobe if you could, it’s even harder.  

Believe it or not, you absolutely can pack a week’s worth of holiday clothes, whilst still having options, in a carry-on suitcase.  Not only does this mean there’s no need to pay the overpriced fees for checked baggage, but making your way through the airport is a breeze. 

Whether you’re getting ready for your weekend city break or heading on a beach holiday, we’ve made the ultimate guide to help you get everything you need in your cabin bag. From top space-saving tips to versatile outfit recommendations, we promise, a carry-on is all you need for all your travel essentials. Travelling light has never been easier! 


Tip 1: Use packing cubes  

Packing cubes will save you so much more space than you think and mean you can get away with a few extra outfit choices. Separating your clothes by type will make the most out of them and keep everything super organised. Pack your dresses together, tops together trousers, swimwear, shoes and so on. (More on which types of footwear and clothes further on) 


Tip 2: Roll clothes instead of folding 

You’ve probably heard that rolling your clothes will help you save space and it’s definitely true for your longer and less bulky clothes. Roll up any holiday dresses and lightweight trousers within your packing cubes and you’ll be able to get way more in and prevent creasing. 


Tip 3: Pack in outfits 

3 grid image of flatlay content with a crochet co-ord, an ombre swimsuit and a black crochet set with a white swimsuit styled with sandals and accessories

There’s nothing worse than going on a trip and realising you packed a bunch of clothes that don’t go together. To avoid this, it’s worth planning your outfits for each day with versatile options so you can mix and match and dress up or down. Here’s where co-ords are your saving grace. Pack 2 co-ord sets and that’s 4 outfits. Choose lightweight materials like linen, crochet and chiffon that’ll keep you cool but look stylish. For a rough guideline, here's what a 7 day holiday packing list could look like when it comes to clothes: 

  • 2 co-ord sets you can mix and match (go versatile with sets you can wear as your beach cover ups) 
  • 2 to 3 dresses (opt for different lengths if you don’t have a preference) 
  • 1 oversized shirt or layering cardigan for chillier evenings and the plane 
  • 2 pairs of pyjamas 

From this alone, you’ve got about 10 plus outfit choices. The cabin bag really is handy, right? 


Tip 4: Opt for flat shoes 

3 grid image of black fabric sandals, blue low heeled mules and cream flat sandals

Packing smart means making a few fashion sacrifices and ditching the chunky shoes is one of them. Go for flat sandals, choosing pairs of shoes in neutral colours like black, white and nudes that will go with everything. For the perfect shoe selection, pack sandals, everyday sliders and one pair of more dressy mules or heeled sandals.


Tip 5: Transfer toiletries into smaller bottles 

If you’re a girl who loves her skincare and prefer to use your own shower toiletries rather than the hotels, either buying 100ml versions or transferring your liquids into smaller bottles will save you a ton of space and weight. That way you have more space for clothes...the important stuff, right? 


Tip 6: Minimize your makeup  

Anyone else love how the sun and being in another country magically clears up your skin? It’s unlikely you’ll need to do a full face of makeup on holiday for this reason and if it’s hot, but you might still want to get glammed up for your evening meal. We’d recommend picking out your favourite lip gloss, foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow palette and mascara and you’ll be set for your sunkissed looks.  


Tip 7: Choose versatile accessories 

3 grid image of a woven beach bag and sunglasses, a gold layered necklace and raffia hoop earrings

It might be tempting to pack all your bags, jewellery and different pairs of sunglasses, but being selective whilst thinking versatile will massively help you out. Opt for a few pieces of jewellery that you can rotate between, packing them in ziplock bags to save space.  

For handbags, we’d recommend taking one larger beach style bag or tote bag and a nicer clutch or grab bag for your dressier evenings. If you can double up your tote for your airport bag, even better! One pair of sunglasses is often enough, but we get it, sometimes different styles go with different outfits. And, since you can take these in your handbag, a couple of spares won’t hurt.  


Tip 8: Utilise hand luggage 

Since airlines generally allow an additional handbag along with your carry on, this is your opportunity to make the most of it. As long as your bag is in the size limits, they’re unlikely to be weighed which is one less thing to worry about. Use this bag for any extra toiletries, chargers and valuables without forgetting your passport. You might even me able to roll an extra top in there! 


Follow these tips and packing your carry on for whatever type of holiday you have planned will be easier than ever! Find all your holiday essentials and outfits in our women's holiday clothing and accessories shop here. 

From the In The Style Team