F*ck what the haters say, hun! Our babe La’tecia Thomas has recruited a fierce squad of unreal females to showcase the beauty and confidence of curve. These slayin’ sisters are on a mission to empower and represent! No matter your size or style #youCANsitwithus.

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Our beaut body positive queen is seriously obsessed with her fiercely empowering squad… “What I love about the squad is the diversity. Every woman in the squad is beautifully unique”.


Antonia Jade is our badass babe encouraging girls errrywhere to realise their worth. Hun, no-one is you and that is your power!


Bishamber is all about challenging old school beauty standards and we’re here for it! Her fearless attitude and inspiring self-confidence is everything that #youCANsitwithus is all about, boo.


You SRSLY can’t find anyone sassier than Tinar! This gorg gal is unapologetic in flautin’ her fabulous self & inspires us all to embrace our beaut bodies.


Tiffany is forever showin’ us how to strut straight into self-confidence. Take a leaf outta Tiff’s book and turn hateful words into love speech, girl!


Joey is our northern babe livin’ her best life and spreadin’ nothin’ but positive vibes. She’s forever preachin’ the #youCANsitwithus sentiment that love always wins, honey!


We’re SRSLY obsessed with Diana’s IDGAF attitude! She’s all about ownin’ that her flaws are her power ...it’s time to embrace what you’ve got, ladies.

Feelin’ inspired? Own your look, flaunt your style and kill it with your curves. This season, we’re empowering women everywhere and preachin’ that #youCANsitwithus.

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