Corporate Social Responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme is based on the desire to operate our business transparently, responsibly, and inclusively. As a brand we are challenging ourselves to have a positive social impact on the people we work with and reduce our environmental impact. We are dedicated to working towards understanding our social and environmental impact, so we can take the necessary action to improve how we work for our future.

We want to take steps to minimise our environmental impact, whether that is considering the materials we use in our products or thinking about how we can reduce waste. Find out more about our sustainability programme here.

In The Style doesn’t own the factories that manufacture our clothes, but we do believe that workers in our supply chain should be respected and we expect working conditions to be safe and fair. We have a Code of Conduct based on internationally recognised human and labour rights principles, which our suppliers and factories are expected to sign up to. Find out more about our ethical trade programme here

The Chief Executive/Founder and Chief Operating Officer are responsible for ensuring that In The Style meets its CSR objectives. They are supported by staff members across Product Technology, Buying and Merchandising. CSR progress is a standing agenda point at all monthly Board meetings and a progress and status report is presented to the Board and discussed, action points are noted and followed up.


We want to empower our customers to be brave, embrace body positivity and most of all, love themselves for who they are. Our message is clear, be who you are, not what you think you should be. Collaborations are in our brand DNA, offering a unique approach to product that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our collections are designed for everyone, regardless of shape or size, inclusivity is at the core of everything we do. Whether she’s looking for the latest trends or her go-to-fashion staples, there’s something for every kind of woman. We keep prices affordable, products reactive to demand, user experience seamless and we pride ourselves on quality of service.


In The Style recognises our responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of our products. Our online business model allows us to minimise unsold inventory, as we can trial products by ordering smaller quantities, only repeating orders where they sell well.

Although we offer quick reaction, trend-led styles at affordable prices, we do not see our clothes as disposable. We want our customers to get the best out of our products and maximise their lifecycle. We encourage our customers to look after our clothes, swap or recycle them. Through our partnership with ReGAIN we are aiming to change our customers’ attitude to unwanted clothes. Through this partnership, customers are financially incentivised to contribute to circular fashion by diverting clothes from landfill and donating them to charity.

As a brand we are looking at more and more ways to incorporate more responsible materials into our collections. Our first recycled collection launched in January 2021, this range of knitwear was made using 100% recycled polyester yarns. We will be looking to trial more responsible materials during 2021.


Our customer delivery bags are made with 100% recycled material. We are committed to pursue recycled and sustainably sourced materials across all of our packaging in 2021. We are also in the process of introducing waste and energy saving initiatives in the head office.

Ethical Trade

At In The Style we believe that every worker in our supply chain should be respected, working in factories under good and safe working conditions, and paid a fair wage. While we do not own any of the factories making our products, we know it is our responsibility to work with our suppliers to ensure all products manufactured for us are done so in a safe and ethical way, respecting universal human rights. We are committed to partnering with expert organisations, industry groups and other brands to understand our supply chain risks and to continually improve standards and working conditions.


Our ethical trading strategy is constantly evolving to ensure that our programme and policies are current and fit to deal with emerging risks and issues. In The Style suppliers are expected to demonstrate a clear commitment to meeting our Code of Conduct. Based on the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code and core International Labour Organisation Convention, the In The Style Code of Conduct sets out the minimum standards of employment that our suppliers are expected to meet.

Related In The Style policies that suppliers are expected to adhere to are:

  • Child Labour and Young Worker Policy: Sets out the steps that suppliers must take to ensure young workers are protected and that children are not involved in the manufacture of our products
  • Homeworking Policy: Recognises that homeworking can be a valuable part of the supply chain, providing guidance for suppliers on ensuring compliance to the In The Style Code of Conduct in these supply chains
  • Forced Labour and Human Trafficking Policy: Sets out expectations on suppliers and the steps they should take to support our commitment to tackling modern slavery in our supply chain. For more information on the steps In The Style are taking to tackle modern slavery see our Modern Slavery Statement (Link to policy)
  • Cotton Sourcing Policy: due to documented forced adult and child labour In The Style does not support the use of cotton from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in our textile products

The above policies are made known to suppliers as they are onboarded and form a condition of trading with In The Style. We are committed to review and amend our policies regularly to ensure they reflect best practice and emerging issues.


Mapping our supply chain is the first step to identifying and resolving issues. We started thoroughly mapping our supply chain in 2019, which has provided us with a good level of visibility of our Tier 1 suppliers. We define Tier 1 suppliers as main product sites that cut, make and trim In The Style brand products.

In 2020 In The Style committed to publish a list of our tier 1 factories, which we intend to update twice a year. This includes factory names, addresses, as well as some additional information about the factories. This represents our commitment toward greater transparency in our manufacturing supply chain which we believe is the first step to better enable us to collaborate, identify, address and mitigate against adverse human rights impacts.

Mapping is an ongoing journey that takes a lot of work, trust and time. We will continue to build our relationships with suppliers in a way that promotes full supply chain transparency and responsible business.


In 2020 we instigated a programme to monitor our supply chain and identify potential risk areas. Existing suppliers must continue to support our mapping exercise. New suppliers must declare the factories they intend to manufacture our products in. All factories are requested to provide a social audit. In The Style recognise a number of audit providers including SGS, Intertek, TRN and BV. While we are mindful of the limitations of social auditing, we feel that coupled with additional due diligence they support our supply chain monitoring programme.

The Reassurance Network (TRN) is a global team of specialists, working with manufacturing sites in most major sourcing regions; helping manufacturers, suppliers and agents to understand and improve working conditions and factory performance. In The Style have engaged with TRN to conduct audits in the UK and globally, and provide localised expert support on our ethical trade programme.

In the UK we joined Fast Forward (Link), an innovative programme designed to uncover hidden exploitation in UK supply chains while driving collaborative continuous improvement. The programme requires our UK manufacturing sites to undergo Fast Forward audits, as well as attend supplier and factory workshops. The programme also allows for multi-stakeholder collaboration between brands, suppliers, manufacturing sites and other organisations to continually identify and address human and labour rights issues in UK supply chains. We are an active member of this initiative and have started to carry out our own factory visits and implement the programme across 18 Suppliers working with 29 tier 1,2 and 3 UK factories. This represents 47% of our total product manufacture.

In The Style are also a signatory to the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) Apparel and General Merchandise Public/Private Protocol which aims to address Labour exploitation and modern slavery risk in UK supply chains. Through this partnership we work together with other brands and enforcement bodies to share information, identify priority risk areas and disrupt exploitative practices.

Modern Slavery

In The Style recognises the risks of human rights abuses and modern slavery in local and global supply chains. We published our first Modern Slavery Statement in 2021 in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act (2015). This Statement sets out our activities to identify risk and take steps to prevent modern slavery in our business operations and supply chain between January 2020 and December 2020. Additionally, it sets out our commitments for 2021. Modern Slavery Statement


fast forward logo TRN logo ReGAIN logo

Fast Forward

Fast Forward is a next generation labour standard audit and improvement programme to build resilient supply chains. The UK is a major sourcing country for In The Style and all our UK suppliers and manufacturing sites are expected to collaborate with us on this programme.

We are signatories to Apparel and General Merchandise Public Private Protocol (AGMPPP) which commits us to work with enforcement bodies and other signatories to eradicate slavery and exploitation in textile supply chain. To find out more, please click on link below.

The Reassurance Network (TRN)

The Reassurance Network is an international team of specialists who work closely with clients to build more sustainable supply chains. We have engaged with TRN to carry out internal staff training and to carry out social audits on manufacturing sites in the UK and globally.


Regain is an innovative recycling business with sustainability at its heart. This partnership allows all ITS customers, by just downloading the Regain app access to the infrastructure to donate any unwanted clothing to charity, whilst also receiving rewards for doing so.

Charity Work

We are mindful of our place and privilege as more than just an online retailer. We want the In The Style brand to stand for much more than fashion, and as such we put a lot of focus and effort into our work in the community and supporting worthy causes. Over the years ITS has been proud to stand alongside some incredible charities, with campaigns such as those detailed below;

Be Kind

After the tragic passing of Caroline Flack in February 2020, In The Style produced a range of clothing carrying her famous quote with 100% of profits going to the Samaritans Charity to support those struggling with their mental health. The initial run sold out in minutes, so we quickly expanded the range to keep up with the amazing support the UK public showed for this cause.

Samaritans logo Be Kind

Age UK

Following the first national lockdown in March 2020, In The Style along with many others were concerned for those who would now face long periods of isolation, especially the elderly.

Age UK logo

The campaign started with all profits from Olivia Bowen’s debut collection to be donated to Age UK to support those most vulnerable. As the global pandemic developed, we decided to continue the campaign by committing profits from all sales to the cause.

Bee Manchester

As a proudly Mancunian brand, In The Style with the rest of the world looked on in horror at the 2017 Manchester bombing. To raise money for the victims and families impacted by the tragedy, In The Style designed a range using the iconic bee of Manchester with all proceeds going to those affected.

Bee Manchester

Family Action

In December 2020, In The Style teamed up with the incredible charity Family Action for a unique Christmas campaign. Each of the In The Style influencers designed their own special Christmas jumper, with all profits from the campaign being donated to Family Action.

Charity image Grinch image

Animal Welfare

In The Style believes that no animal should suffer in the name of fashion or beauty. No animal should be slaughtered specifically to produce our products, meaning all animal materials used must be a by-product of the meat industry.

Where animal products are used, suppliers are expected to comply with our Animal Welfare Policy to evidence good animal husbandry through the supply chain and ensure animal welfare is maintained throughout. We require suppliers to adopt best practice procedures, based on the internally recognised Five Freedoms which recommend animals are afforded with:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst – by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health
  • Freedom from discomfort – by providing an appropriate environment, including shelter and a comfortable resting area
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease – by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour – by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and the company of the animals own kind
  • Freedom from fear and distress – by ensuring conditions and treatment avoid mental suffering

Suppliers must not use the following animal derived materials:

  • Hair derived from animals in cages
  • Feather and down
  • Any products containing any part of or by-product from any species on the CITES or IUCN lists of endangered species

Contact Info

For further information on our CSR programme please contact [email protected]